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How it works

Thriftify is on a mission to change how, and why, the world shops. For too long, we’ve allowed the fashion industry to pollute our environment, undermine workers rights and convince us we need to buy things to feel good. Welcome to the rebellion!

The Online Charity Shop

98% of Ireland's charity retailers use Thriftify to list their top gems.

Thrifting Made Easy

We take the hassle out of bargain hunting. Browse by size, brand, price, cause and more.

Sustainable Shipping

Every sustainable gem is shipped directly from the charity shop in compostable packaging.

A Shopping Revolution

Every time you thrift you support a good cause. Making shopping not only sustainable, but impactful.

A model that has
enormous positive Impact
190 tonnes
CO2 Emissions prevented
69 Million
Litres of water saved
Causes supported
Equivalent mature
trees planted

What our customers say

Our customers love the impact we create with our sustainable and circular ways of finding gem and bringing it to them.

"Great selection & updated everyday I checked last week, items came quickly, were in perfect condition (most still had tags! They even smelled good),I think the prices are definitely fair based on the sheer quality of the items (it’s clear that the team are picking items that are in really good nick to sell) and it is so important that charity shops are getting more support by putting them online - I love the option at the end of purchase to round up your order to donate more to the charity or indeed, you can pick your own donation amount. In short, delighted!"

Jill McMahon

"I found flattering plus sizes, new with tags still attached, good brands, good prices, super quick delivery, AND it’s for good causes.You’re also sure to get the correct size delivered as they usually have only one in stock, and my items have all been properly labelled. I’m a second time satisfied customer. Win, win, win, win, win, win."

Mel Jackson

"I have been concerned in recent times about clothes sustainability and caring for our planet. I read about Triftify online.So I made a purchase, it arrived during the week. I was blown away by the quality of clothes, immaculate condition that smelt so fresh. Was impressed with the packaging that can be thrown into the compost bin. And the service was so speedy and efficient. It’s a win-win situation as I do like to purchase something different from time to time. It’s the way for the future guys!"

Brid Callaghan

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