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The latest news and updates from team thriftify as we seek to boldy go where no-one has gone before.
  1. 2020 and the Rise of the Online Charity Shop

    Buying a second-hand garment instead of new can have a huge impact on our environment. The small changes we’re enabling consumers to make, is creating immense positive and lasting change.  In 2020 global emissions dropped substantially, but this year all predictions are that we’ll see record breaking emissions. The window to avert climate catastrophe is closing quickly, but we now know that new solutions and mass action is possible.
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  2. The 12 Steps to a Greener Christmas

    We are here to help you get back on that sustainable track or even just to give you a few tips to make your Christmas that little bit greener.
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  3. Join Thriftify - We're Hiring

    Join team thriftify as our Partner Success Manager. If you've always wanted to be a part of something big, read on!

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  4. Thriftify Raises €500,000 Investment

    Thriftify is today announcing the close of a seed funding investment round of €500,00. We are thrilled to share this news! Thank you to our charity partners and our community of thrifters for supporting us our journey to make shopping sustainable.
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  5. What is Sustainable Fashion?

    What better way to kick-off Secondhand September than with an overview of sustainable fashion? Take the time to get the suss on what we mean, when we talk about sustainable fashion.

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  6. Our Packaging & How to Be Zero-Waste

    We're thrilled to reveal our fully compostable packaging solution and share some tips on how to make sure you're using it as sustainably as possible!
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  7. System Change & a Hedgehog - the story of Thriftify

    Ever wondered how Thriftify came about? In this blog our Founder and CEO Rónán Ó Dálaigh tells us all about how he wants to transform purchasing and start a shopping revolution.
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