Our Top Three Thrifting Tips
Ever wondered how to find the best charity shop bargains!? Well, here our top 3 tips!
Every year in Ireland we donate tens of millions of gems to charity shops across the country. From armchairs and vinyl to crop tops and handbags, charity shops are the happy receivers of our best pre-loved gems. With so many donations making their way to charity shops there are some fantastic sustainable bargains to be found. Although sometimes it can take days and dozens of trips before finding that silk blouse bargain. Don’t worry, we’re here with are our top three tips to help make your efforts more fruitful.
1. Knowledge is Power

Get to know the managers and staff by volunteering. Knowing the staff will do wonders in your search for gems. Not only will you get first sight over new donations but you’ll also have your co-workers in the shop as your own personal shoppers, as you long as you share your taste with them. Crucially, charity shops across the country are suffering from a drop-off in volunteers due to Coronavirus, so you'll have that amazing feel good vibe that comes from knowing you're making a difference.

2. Timing

Pick your days. Charity shops usually get the best donations over the weekend, meaning Monday morning is your time to shine! Or, sometimes charity shops do stock rotations once a week or so. Knowing when the new stock is arriving from other shops or the warehouse, is a great way to be the first to eye the latest donations. Charity shops are receiving unheard of volumes of donations at the moment with clear-outs and Covid-cleaning at a peak, this means the overall timing to pick up a gem has never been better!

3. Stay consistent

Don’t think of your visit to the charity shop as a to-do, think of it as a meditation! Make it part of your routine, you need to go frequently to find the gems so turn it in to a joy. After all, there’s nothing quite like the child-hood sense of searching for treasure. Popping in to your local shops regularly is the best way to find a gem. You'll hear everybody who shares a passion for thrift sharing this advice, so you know it works.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to find thrift bargains - these three are what have worked for us. Let us know your favourite tips & tricks!