Thirty Days of Thrifted - Why and how you should get involved

Thirty Days of Thrifted - Why and how you should get involved

Do you ever find yourself with so much in your closet and nothing to wear? Do you find yourself getting wrapped up in seasonal trends and already trawling through the shops looking for this year's autumnal look? We are all guilty of letting our subconscious take over and cave at whatever is “in” right now. However, the reality is that throwaway fashion is putting huge pressure on our planet and our people with a staggering 13 million items of clothing ending up in UK landfills each year. Oxfam © 2020

Thanks to Oxfam, Second-hand September is upon us once again. This amazing campaign set up by Oxfam gives the world the green light when it comes to slow fashion, challenging us to stop shopping for new clothes and instead look for pre-loved items for the entire month. This could also be hosting swap shops with friends, seeing what you already own and giving it new life or just simply shopping sustainably.

Second-hand September runs for 30 days, however you can extend the challenge or even carry it on indefinitely. The choice is yours. The challenge is there to change the mindset of our shopping habits and learn more about how our fashion choices have a lasting effect on the planet. Being a conscious shopper and thinking about the planet should always be a priority, and starting off with 30 days of it is a step in the right direction. Here are some more reasons to get involved this September.


Reconnect With Clothes


Trends come and go extremely fast, sometimes faster than the passing of seasons which causes us to feel detached with what we already own. Fast fashion brands push this unsustainable way of thinking on social media to keep people shopping from them. Even worse, they use influential stars to promote their bad practices. Many of these new developments have contributed to creating the perfect environment for fast fashion to thrive, causing greater ecological and humanitarian issues.

The root of the problem is the fast fashion industry, but we have the power to change our mindset towards buying fashion. By changing how we view our garments and investing in our own unique & personal style. Fashion has always been a way of showing what's on the inside to the people in your life. A very personal outward expression of how you see yourself and how you want others to see you. Do we want to be seen as minions of a destructive industry, or as conscious and caring?


Save Money

Nowadays there are plenty of options out there to save money, not only with fashion but everything from furniture to your car insurance. With the right research, you can really land yourself a bargain.

Shopping second-hand online can lead you to gems you never expected at a great price. Searching marketplaces like Facebook, Etsy and of course Thriftify with easy search options and filters can make the ecommerce world that bit easier to navigate. Buying a pre-loved item means one less new product that needs to be made. Everything you need is already out there you just need to search.


Reduce Demand For Fast Fashion

You might think “what difference will I make buying second-hand this September, sure I’m only one person”. Well, let me tell you that switching to second-hand could inspire others to venture out and do the same while also reducing the demand for fast fashion. This ripple effect can create a massive difference in the way people view sustainable fashion and shop in the future.

“It only takes one person to make a change… let it begin with you” - Joyce Thompson


Reduce Your Carbon & Water Footprint

As we know fast fashion comes at a price. Just in Ireland alone, half a tonne of clothing every minute is dumped into a landfill. That amount produces over 12 tonnes of carbon emissions – the same as driving 65,000 kilometres in a car. Every year, global emissions from textile production are equivalent to 1.2 billion tonnes of CO2, a figure that outweighs the carbon footprint of international flights and shipping combined.

By shopping second-hand, you’re buying clothes that have already been made, stopping them from going to waste, and preventing new clothes from being produced.


How to Get Involved with Second-hand September?

So let's jump right in and see what small but powerful steps you can take to make a difference.

1. Swap Clothes with Friends

We have all heard the phrase ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ right? Well that is the very concept of swap events. Why not swap unwanted items with friends or go to the next swap event near you. Whether it's a dress, jumper or a winter coat, swapping clothes is much better than buying new — and can help to curb fast fashion.

2. Declutter your Wardrobe

Clearing out your closet can certainly help harmonize your surrounding environment and align your Feng shui in your bedroom, but it can also free up some space to concentrate on what you really wear, creating visibility for your own personal style and not getting confused in the chaos of a messy closet. This in turn helps when you buy in the future, knowing what you truly need and making better choices when it comes to purchasing an item. Also giving to charity helps your local community and of course If you're looking to make some extra cash, there are many options for you to sell garments via Facebook Marketplace or Depop.

3. Shop Second-hand!

Whether it's shopping in your local charity store or swapping clothing with friends, doing so will help to prolong the life of garments that would otherwise end up in landfill. Buying second-hand helps to lower the overall demand for new clothing to be produced and stop the need to shop for fast fashion.

4. Upcycle - Get Creative with your Clothes!

We all know that we are consuming household objects and clothing at an unsustainable rate, regularly replacing broken items for newer versions instead of simply cleaning, fixing or upcycling them.Try put some life back into your old garments by getting creative with finding ways to repurpose them! So many tutorials up on YouTube to do with upcycling pre-loved gems.

5. Share the Message!

Try and get involved in Second-hand september by even tackling one of the above steps. Get involved by sharing and celebrating your second-hand steals using the following hashtags:
#Thrifted #RememberWhoMadeThem
#OOOTD (old outfit of the day)