5 Tips for a Greener Halloween

Tips for a Greener Halloween

Halloween is creeping up on us again, for some, it is the anchor event of their whole year, and for others, it always seems to catch them by surprise! So it’s no wonder it can be difficult to enjoy a sustainable Halloween event. Household waste increases by 25% during Halloween. An estimated 2,000 tonnes of plastic waste will be thrown away after Halloween celebrations, with much of the Halloween themed items made to last for just one use.

The biggest carbon footprint associated with Halloween comes from the fast-fashion costumes mass-produced each year. Many of these cheap disposable costumes are of poor quality and often produced in countries with poor labour standards. 83% of mass-produced costumes contain oil-based plastic, which can take between 20 to 200 years to break down in landfill. Almost 7 million Halloween costumes are disposed of each year, e

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