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We are the e-commerce platform built for charity

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Value your Donations

Acheive a higher price point for your donations online effortlessly. The Thriftify platform gives you an instant real-world & accurate value for all of your products, ensuring that you earn the true value for all of your donations.

Grow Profits 10x

We use the leading e-commerce and marketing tools to put your products in front of millions of customers across the world. Your products will be listed on Thritfify, eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Facebook and more.

Ecommerce made Simple

We do all the heavy lifting for you including; pricing, cross-listing, merchandising, marketing, all customer communications, providing compostable packaging, and integrated fulfillment powered by our seamless postal integrations.

How to Use?

Our platform in 3 Easy Steps



Scan Scan your product

Instantly value and list any barcoded product in the world. For non-barcoded products simply submit 5 images and our merchandising team will create the listing within 24 hrs.

Using your mobile phone camera, you scan the barcode of your products - enabling our platform to do its magic.



Shelve Shelve Products

Items are stored in your existing shops & warehouses. Keeping costs low.

Profitable products are shelved in your shop while we sell them online for the best possible price.




Once sold, on any marketplace, you simply package the product in free Thriftify branded, compostable packaging, print a packing label, and await courier collection. All powered by our seamless postal integrations.

You post the sales directly to the customer, and grow your business.

Helping Charity Shops sell online


Every year in the UK and Ireland, 150 billion items are donated to over 15,000 charity shops. The volume and opportunity are enormous but, as a primarily volunteer-driven sector, charity shops struggle to effectively value and sell all of the donations they receive. In 2018 Rónán Ó Dálaigh made it his mission to make e-commerce easy and accessible to all charity shops, to avoid the disposal of valuable donations, and give sustainable shoppers easy access to charity gems.

By valuing and selling things online, charities can earn millions in additional income each year. But as with all good ideas, there's a challenge - the online environment is becoming more and more complex. To be successful online, businesses need to be creative, competitive, data-driven, media friendly, social and so much more.

Over the last 3 years we have developed and improved our platform hand in hand with our charity partners. Thanks to their support we are now helping over 75 different charity retailers succeed online. We are not just a innovative technology provider, we are your partner, and will do our best to see that your organisation is as successful online as possible to help support your incredible causes.

We started with books and our platform is currently enabling our users to grow the size of their book business up to tenfold. Now, we've added on dozens of other categories and are ready to help you grow!

There are no set-up or monthly fees, if you're not making money neither are we. On average we charge a 15% transaction fee, which is lower the more volume you upload. All of our transaction fees are re-invested back into the platform - meaning that you're getting the best possible value for money. A free Thriftify trial is currently available to all charity retailers who want to sell online, so why not see if it could work for your organisation.

All of our fees are used to improve the platform - meaning that you're getting the best possible value for money. Thriftify is currently available to charity retailers and other ethical enterprises who want to sell online.

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