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Thriftify is a social enterprise. Our mission is to create a movement of positive purchasing by connecting charities and ethical, sustainable businesses with consumers who care. Charities are already winning on the street, with new charity shops opening all the time and more people shopping from them. The next step for the charity retail sector is to achieve success online. Thriftify enables charities to value products, sell them for the best price online using artificially intelligent pricing, drive footfall to their local shops, use data to increase sales and most importantly, to be successful on the online marketplace.

Our platform works in three easy steps:

i) Scan
Using your mobile phone camera, you scan the barcode of your products – enabling our platform to do its magic.

ii) Shelve
Profitable products are shelved in your shop while we sell it online for the best possible price.

iii) Ship
You post the sales directly to the customer, and grow your business.

One of the major problems faced by charity shops and other second hand stores is knowing how much their products are really worth.

As a social enterprise, we’re on a mission to help charities generate the true value of their donations. By valuing and selling things online, charities can earn hundreds of millions of euro more every year. But as with all good ideas, there’s a challenge – the online environment is becoming more and more complex. To be successful online, businesses need to be creative, competitive, data-driven, media friendly, social and so much more. Thriftify enables charities to easily access all of this expertise. We’ve combined the critical elements of e-commerce in to an easy to use platform. Our platform automatically values, prices and uploads the items for sale. Not only that but we also market the product to make sure it reaches that niche who prefer to buy from charity shops.

Thriftify has taken all of the complexities and challenges of selling online and combined them to create the charity retail platform. As a social enterprise you can rest assured that you’re getting the most competitive rates. All of the fees and commission we charge are used to improve the platform – meaning that you’re getting the best possible value for money. Thriftify is currently available to charity retailers and other ethical enterprises who want to sell online. We started with books and our platform is currently enabling our users to grow the size of their book business up to tenfold. Now, we’ve added on dozens of other categories and ready to help you grow!

If you’d like to talk to one of the team about signing your charity shop or retail chain up to the thriftify platform, please contact us here.

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