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East Galway and Midlands Cancer Support Centre is a support centre for all cancers, regardless of stage, in the East Galway and Midlands area. We provide the practical, social, and emotional support to those living with cancer, their families, and friends. 


Our centre provides a wide range of complementary therapies, free of charge, as well as facilitating four support groups: Breast, Bowel, Prostate and Family. We have a purpose-built gym, the first of its kind in Ireland for cancer patients. A fitness programme is provided to aid in the recovery from cancer. Our centre is open 5 days a week and operates a 24-hour phone service. 


Every day, thousands of people struggle with the realities of having cancer. They are often isolated, fatigued and concerned about the next steps that they should take. Along with the care and support from their medical team, more and more patients are finding relief and comfort in attending centres like ours. Patients in all stages of treatment can benefit from attending a support centre. We strive towards promoting a feeling of normality and hope to those who attend. 


Each person who enters our doors is greeted with a smile and treated with respect, dignity, and empathy. We are at the forefront of meeting the unmet needs of cancer patients. 

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