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Moray Reach Out (MRO) is an organisation with enthusiasm, experience, and commitment. It was started in 1996 by a small group of parents and carers in Buckie, offering outings and trips away for the vulnerable adults (Trainees) and thus providing respite for the parents and carers - 'Take a Break'.

Each social enterprise consists of two aspects: training and trading. They all provide valuable opportunities to our Trainees, while also offering high quality products and services that the Trainees are proud to be involved in.

At Moray Reach Out we process fleece from our own flock of Shetland sheep and make it into beautiful hand-spun wool products. The wool is of high quality with natural colours and textures and is hand crafted at every stage by our team, volunteers and staff, and Trainees.

Our Upcycling team also create bespoke products from upcycled pallets and other recycled materials, giving them a second life. As a charity, we are proud to be part of a green initiative, by not only sourcing locally and upcycling but by also having a team who are dedicated to recycling. Our team processes the communities recycle bins, contributing both to the environment and the community.

Our Mission is to develop new opportunities, quality placements and work experience opportunities for vulnerable adults. The aim of these placements is to increase their quality of life, levels of confidence and self-esteem and where possible and appropriate to progress individuals into employment. Moray Reach Out strives to develop their skills and confidence, general health, and wellbeing and, where possible and appropriate, to empower individuals in their journeys towards independent living and supported employment.

By purchasing one of our MRO products or thrift items you will not only get a fantastic product, but you will also be helping to support us in continuing to give vulnerable adults these amazing opportunities.

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