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Vision Ireland is the new name for NCBI and is the national sight loss agency. We are a not-for-profit charity, which offers support and services to people of all ages who are experiencing difficulties with their eyesight. Vision Ireland offers community-based services to help people to adapt to sight loss and maintain their independence. These services include emotional support to the individual experiencing loss of vision and to their families, advice and information on all aspects of vision loss as well as practical support and solutions to the challenges encountered by people with vision loss.

Vision Ireland is the second largest charity shop chain in the country with over 130+ stores nationwide. Money raised in Vision Ireland stores and through Thriftify allows us to continue offering practical and emotional support, training and advice to over 55,000 people who are living with sight loss.

The Origins of Vision Ireland 

Vision Ireland was previosuly know as NCBI retail which was formerly known as “Mrs Quins”. This was in honour of Nanette Quin from Tipperary who set up the first charity shop for the organisation, selling pre-loved clothing and jewellery from her close friends and contacts. She raised significant income for the charity during that time and like all of our shop managers, ran it with a loyal circle of volunteers to help.  For years, Nanette opened an “end of lease” shop in Dublin in the weeks before Christmas. She later moved to Drumcondra, where our head office now stands, running a small but successful second-hand business from a concrete shed! Nanette Quin’s work for the charity continued until she died in 1989. 

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