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Stella was an orphan girl who died of aids at the age of nineteen as a result of being trafficked – she will never speak again.  We have determined that we will be ‘Stella’s Voice’ and do all that we can to protect as many of the worlds’ most vulnerable from human traffickers - We believe that prevention is the most effective antidote to slavery - this is how we do it......

Protecting the world’s vulnerable from human trafficking.

Remove the vulnerability
We presently operate two girls homes (18 girls in each home) and one boys home (13 boys) and in a very rural part of Moldova we also help support an orphanage financially.

The girls and boys in Stella’s & Simon’s Houses come to us when they age-out of the state-run orphanage system.  Our homes provides them with safety and shelter, provision for their needs and all within a caring, family environment.  This removes them from the vulnerability and danger of being trafficked.

Assist through education
When they come to us, the girls and boys are all behind in their education and neither have the means or resources to remedy this.  At Stella’s Voice we provide assistance, tuition, finance and resources to ensure each person in our care is given the opportunity to progress through the education system from school, right through to college and university.

Equip and Resource
Education on its own will not equip a young person with everything they need to live productive, independent lives.  Training, life skills and apprenticeships are just some of the ways we ensure each person is equipped and resourced.

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