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Every child deserves a childhood, every adult a healthy life’, says Fiona Corcoran founder of Great Chernobyl Cause (GCC) which, for around 20 years, has been working to save and improve lives in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

The charity began as a response to the world's worst nuclear disaster in Ukraine but has now widened its mission to concentrate on the human casualties of the break-up of the former Soviet Union.


Projects have included: Supporting the operation of its hospice for the elderly in Russia; Providing temporary residential care and support for extremely vulnerable mothers and children in Kazakhstan; Shipping humanitarian aid, organizing food programmes and supplying vital medical equipment. 

‘All this has been possible thanks to the enormous generosity of people who responded so willingly to appalling situations that had been overlooked and to voices that had too often been silenced,’ says Fiona. ‘Thankfully, the mortality rate has fallen dramatically. We have kitchens where nutritious meals are prepared, sleeping and living quarters where one can sleep and rest in beautiful and warm surroundings, a gym where for exercise, a school where teachers provide a basic education and a clinic where doctors and therapists attend to very real medical needs. 
Click on to to see how we’re able to change the world of our abandoned people and see our local supporters speak about their involvement.’

The Greater Chernobyl Cause currently has two shops in Carrigaline and Cork city selling a wide range of clothes, shoes , books , gifts  , and more ...the majority of which are brand new.

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