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The Strategy
Chief Exec - Rónán Ó Dálaigh
Rónán Ó Dálaigh is an experienced social entrepreneur with a passion for using business tools to have social impact. He looks after Thriftify's strategy, business development and sales & marketing (he's also in charge of sourcing the best scones for meetings). His favourite book is The Spirit Level.
You can reach him on twitter @thrift_ify

The Magic
Chief Tech - Rahil Nazir
Rahil Nazir is a professional software engineer with a background in designing, building and scaling e-commerce platforms for some of the world's largest multinationals. He's in charge of our e-commerce platform and tech (Rahil makes sure the scones have the perfect butter to jam ratio). His favourite book is The Lean Startup.
You can get him on facebook at

The Users
Chief Ops - Timur Negru
Timur Negru is an expert in customer service and makes sure our users are happy and informed. He is also in charge of designing and implementing business operations (he makes sure everybody gets a fair share of the scones - usually he gets more of a fair share). His favourite book is The Art Of War.
He’s available on Instagram at @thriftify

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